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Fishing Publications


"If you love fishing, youíll love the book. If you havenít got a clue about what we are doing most Sundays of the year, there is plenty for you to enjoy too. This wonít be the only time I read it." - Keith Arthur, England International Angler


End Peg focuses on twelve days in the life of a coarse angler.  Made up of two practice sessions and ten matches, theses days on the bank exemplify the highs and lows, the delight and frustration, and the moments of unadulterated comedy that only fishing can create.  Set against a backdrop of glorious countryside with majestic Red Kites, mischievous damselflies and protective moorhens competing for the limelight, the forces that attract us back to the riverbank time and time again are presented in a light-hearted, humorous style that befits the enduring, entertaining and occasionally exasperating sport of coarse fishing.

Discussions of the wider issues associated with each of these fishing sessions, such as why the closed season exists, how bleak became essential to the fashion accessory trade, the importance of lucky charms and how gudgeon fishing resulted in the cancellation of a wedding, are included, along with invaluable advice regarding the methods we should employ to catch fish from the father of fishing, Izaak Walton.

From those forever bewildered by the sight of thousands of seemingly sane men, women and children perched, each week and in all weathers, on uncomfortable-looking boxes, while simultaneously waving several yards of carbon fibre over the waterways of Britain, to anglers already ensnared in the sportís complex web of mystery and intrigue, End Peg has something new, something to raise an eyebrow, and something to bring about a smile.

Unlike my horseracing books, all royalties from End Peg will go directly to Alzheimer's Research UK.

To order End Peg please click here.