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This is the only page where you can legally acquire Forecasting Methods for Horseracing and In Search of the Winning System in digital format.  If you see them for sale elsewhere

please notify me so that I can take the relevant action.




"I was engrossed by the prose. The depth of research is staggering, A Day At The Races is something special, of that I have no doubt. There's a ton of stuff here that I knew absolutely nothing about!" - Mike Catttermole, Broadcaster/Journalist

New for 2022, A Day At The Races focuses on a selection days that served to shape the destiny of horseracing.  The style allows for Readers to dip in, or read it from cover to cover depending on their preferred approach.  In an attempt to paint an even broader picture, these critical days in racing's past are presented alongside other highly significant contemporaneous historical events in order to provide additional social context.  

As well as charting the evolution of the sport, the book is packed with racing and betting anecdotes.  Examples include the walk of a thousand miles around Newmarket Heath to win a bet; the Owner’s wife who bank-rolled Supermarine (developers of the Spitfire); a duel to the death at Ascot; the jockey involved in the last lance-on-lance charge by the British Cavalry in the Great War; a horse that wouldn’t move unless accompanied by her favourite cat and another stopped by a ray-gun; the syndicate that won millions from the Bookmakers and the aristocrat who lost millions on the Derby; Alfred Lord Tennyson’s mythical inspiration; the former Champion jockey who invented a bit that remains in use today but died in poverty; a lucky Owner who won a worthless sheep farm only to find it was the source of a silver mine; deadly lightning strikes at Ascot; Jean Shrimpton’s controversial visit to the Australian Derby; the horse that savaged Lester Piggott’s great uncle and then won the Triple Crown; the Champion juvenile who was presented to Lord Kitchener; the Classic named after a house, and the horse that beat his rivals out of sight.

A Day At The Races will be available to order very soon.





Dr Peter May is the author of several horseracing books including, Flat Racing For Profit and Jump Racing For Profit, both of which were published by Raceform, Horseracing: A Guide to Profitable Betting, five annual reviews of the Two-Year-Old runners and his main work, Forecasting Methods for Horseracing. This 200 page text explores the use of methods taken from the field of artificial intelligence to solve the horseracing problem.

Forecasting Methods can now be purchased in pdf format for just £4.95 by clicking he following link:


In Search of the Winning System charts Peter's obsession with betting on horseracing. It presents the story of his search for profitable methods, the mistakes he has made, the valuable lessons he has learned and the knowledge he has gained from like-minded racing enthusiasts who have contributed to his 40-year betting apprenticeship. Add to that a range of amusing anecdotes, a detailed analysis of the key race types, and a list of the betting systems he currently employs and you have a book that will make you smile, make you think and, possibly, make you money.

 "In Search Of The Winning System" can now be purchased in pdf format for just £4.95 by clicking he following link: