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The Flat Racing Edition 2024

This 120+ page statistical guide is in pdf* format, and is divided into three sections. The A-Z chapter presents a performance analysis of the progeny of all sires, providing they have competed in at least 40 races in Great Britain and Ireland since 1 January 2018. Over 400 sires are listed in this section. The analyses detail data for juveniles and non-juveniles separately, and cover such factors as race distance, going, time of year, and racing surface. Furthermore an analysis of the performances for all runners by track direction (only races exceeding nine furlongs are analysed) is included as well as the average BHB rating the offspring achieved as three-year-olds. The data summarised refer to the number of wins, runs, average win rate and average profit at starting price.

The course tables in Chapter 2 list all sires whose progeny have raced 40 or more times at the track. Again the data is divided between two-year-olds and non-juveniles and lists the number of winners, numbers of runs, average win rate, and average profit per 1 staked at starting price.


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In the final section, the tables list the key sires under certain conditions such as soft ground and long distance races. This is essentially a quick reference guide and can be used to form the basis of systematic betting strategies

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