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The Flat Racing Edition 2024

The main section of this pdf* document details the success rates for each trainer who has run at least 50 horses in Great Britain over the last five years. The information covered includes number of wins, runs and average profit to a level £1 stake at starting price by race classification for the following variables:

  • Market position of the horse
  • Starting price
  • Course location (Southern, Midlands and Northern tracks)
  • Course grade (A to E)
  • Finishing position the horse ran on its previous run
  • Track absence (up to seven days, over 99 days)
  • Beaten and winning favourites last time out

Furthermore the analyses detail success rates and profits by starting price for horses having their first run in a handicap.

Click here to download an example page.

Part 2 of the text is a track-by-track analysis for all trainers. Each table is devoted to a single track with the trainers’ details broken down by race type. From these tables it is easy to see if the trainer favours a particular course or not.

The other sections of the text present lists of trainers and the associated win rate and profit and loss figures by race distance (some handlers are best with staying horses, for instance and time of year. Again this data can be used when examining trainer trends in order to identify methods for backing and laying horses.

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