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Ratings Subscription Details

Juvenile Ratings         

The Two-Year-Old ratings start in late March and continue through to the end of the turf season. The ratings are derived by a suite of neural networks and exploit artificial intelligence methods to the full with the aim of providing figures which represent the ability of the horse as closely as possible. They are based on time and in previous seasons have proved to be particularly profitable, as well as identifying good ante-post bets for the following seasonís classics.


In 2016 a level stake bet on the top-rated runners in every turf 2yo non-handicap race run on turf during the year, regardless of other factors, would have returned a profit of +8p/£ at exchange prices.  In 2015 the profit was +15p/£. Furthermore the odds line favourite, the program's selection as the most likely winner, made a profit of +23p/£ for the same races in 2016.

Short term subscriptions to the flat ratings cost just £19.95 for the next 30 race day, and £7.95 for the next 10 race days. A single subscription covers all flat ratings (2yos, non-juvenile turf and all weather).

For a complete list of 2yo Turf Ratings for 2021 (pdf format) - click here