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Flat Ratings System Analyser

This software package can be used to easily generate profitable systems based on non-juvenile flat racing in Great Britain all non-juvenile flat racing (turf and AW).  The data for the turf racing covers the last four complete seasons, whilst there are nine full seasons of AW data to use in the model building process.


NH System Analyser

This product can be used to generate profitable systems easily using the sensitivity analysis graphs.  The data covers the last seven complete seasons.

To download the analysers click the above links and choose save.  Once the download has completed locate the downloaded file using windows explorer and double-click it, then follow the installation instructions to install the program.


Free eBooks

First Published in 1996, this book can be downloaded free of charge in pdf format by right-clicking the image then choosing "Save target as...".



Also published in 1996, Jump Racing for Profit was Peter May's second book.  Download it free of charge by right-clicking the image and choosing "Save target as...". Again it is in pdf format.