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Flat Race Profiling

 The Flat Race Profiler is similar to the Jumps version and allows the user to generate billions of different analyses. These can further be restricted by setting the “Other Conditions” so that horses with specific characteristics can be isolated. For instance all horses returning from a break of no more than 7 days can be analysed or those moving down in class. The options are endless with this powerful, yet easy to use, package.

The auto profit save facility is also very helpful. Once a race has been analysed clicking a button will save all profitable profiles to a file.

All future software updates will be emailed to you free of charge, and the next data update (due January 2025) will cost just £15.00.

To order your copy via e-mail please click here and you will be given the payment details. The full version of the Flat Profiler costs just £35.00. To order online any pay by credit card please click the Buy Now button.


Download Section

But if you’re not sure try the demonstration version, downloadable here:

Download the free Flat Profiler Demonstration Program

The demo only covers turf racing, however the full version offers more features and includes All Weather races.

Download Installation Instructions

You can read about race profiling on my ATR blog.

Click here to view a screen shot.

To purchase the profiler using a credit card or paypal account please click the following button:

To purchase the profiler by cheque please email Peter May using the following link: FlatProfilerOrder